He order process in ArmyArea.com 

(1) you create article by clicking on the button IN THE BASKET  completely non-binding in your shopping cart.

(2) you can see a all the items you have placed in your shopping cart, if you Shopping cart Click (top right of page). Here you can delete also the article or change the number

(4) in the checkout process, enter:   

    a)  Account: Order without registering or creating it now your account and enjoy them these benefits: 

  • Personalized and secure access

  • Quick and easy sign up

  • Different Versand and delivery addresses

b) delivery types

(c) confirm terms and conditions

(d) select your payment method

After the payment, the ordering process is completed. 

After you have placed your order, we will send you an email that confirms the receipt of your order and lists the details (acknowledgement of receipt).

Our shop offers the following methods of payment for purchases

Advance payment by bank transfer:


We will send the order immediately immediately after receipt of payment on our bank account. All datasets are available by E-mail.

Cash payment:

You can personally pick up the ordered goods by appointment only from our Office.


HiPay wallet is the only solution that offers in addition to the classic card payment alternative payment options specific to each country.



With PayPal, any company or private person with an E-Mail address can send safely, comfortably and inexpensively online payments and receive. It is located on the special manner how our concept of payment of bank accounts and credit cards is connected. So, our network provides a global real-time payment solution.